SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate use in skincare

Some of you may have heard of the recent research findings and others may still be feeling against the use of SLS in skincare, hair and body products. Although the decision is always with the consumer on the use of products containing SLS the recent research out of Binghampton State University of New York may shed some light into this compound and its function.

SLS is considered amphiphilic, meaning having properties of hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds. This property plays an important role in formulating products due to influence on skin wettability.  Specifically, the research has shown that the wettability of the outer layer of skin can be controlled by formulating with surfactants (for example SLS).

Skin is the first line of deffence to the outside world and therefore its wettability plays an important role in contact inhibition of microorganisms in addition to the sensory perception of the cosmetic products. The research, in short, shows that use of such compounds helps the skin behave differently in acidic or alkaline conditions by behaving to repel water or absorb it based on the binding of the compound to the skin.

There is discussion of further research based on their findings to date that could eventually alter bacterial growth behavior of skin , or improve adhesion of bio-integrated or sensor systems.

As a final note, for your comfort Cell-U-Rite Natural skincare does not use SLS in the formulations although similar naturally occurring compounds of botanical extracts are used in our skincare line.

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