Skincare and what to look for in Natural skincare for hydrating and rejuvenating your skin

In today’s market place there are probably thousands of brands to choose from when looking to select a facial skincare. Obviously, some people are loyal to specific brands and happy with the product but many others go with lower cost in order to finalize a brand, either online or at a physical brick and mortar set up. A word of caution that many brands are using harmful chemicals to the sensitive facial skin and could cause irreversible damage.

Most products are not registered with a the regulatory authority in the country they are marketed, in most cases it is not even a requirements to register skincare. This is an issue as there could be ingredients that never make it to the label, not required as they are not following any regulatory guidelines. In Europe, Canada, Australia and some other countries; it is a requirement to register skincare with the health division of the government; the problem is when you purchase online, it may be shipped from a country that bypasses the regulation unless they are a registered corporation in the country the operate and sell.

In the US, it is different as FTC is the authority that looks mostly to claims and customer complaints and not necessarily the ingredient listing; however, the result of investigation on claims may lead to review of ingredients. Still, many ingredients are still chemicals that are left to the consumer’s discretion, for example: Paraben, Petroleum derivatives, Acrylamide, SLS, PEG, and so on; which are okay if you do not mind using chemicals on your skin on a daily basis.

Many look for natural products that use botanical ingredients, yes they may cost more and take longer to see results but you do not need to use as much of the product and if you miss application of it one day, you do not see significant change as you would with a chemical based product, as your skin would have developed a dependency on chemical ingredients.

Cell-U-Rite Naturals is a Canadian brand, developed by a Canadian Corporation with products listed with Health Canada. We use only natural extracts from fruits and botanicals to formulate our products and take pride in producing natural skincare without even using any colors or fragrances. Give us a try!

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