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Weight Loss

    • Significant Weight Loss (Average 2 lbs. each week) with CUR-Trim Rite, now 2 full controlled studies
    • BMI Reduction (Average 11.95% in 12 weeks) with CUR-Trim Rite
    • GCBE 800™, Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract recommended by Dr. Oz for weight loss

The clinically tested key ingredient combination (Mustard and Nettle leaf extracts) is proven effective for weight loss in 3 separate studies to provide significant weight loss versus dieting alone. Average weight loss with key ingredients in first controlled study was 24.11 lbs. vs. 1.85 lbs.with placebo; in second controlled study was 23.74 lbs. vs. 2.2 lbs. with placebo over 12-week studies, and 16.83 lbs. in an 8 week pilot study. All groups followed a calorie-reduced diet and exercise. Similarly Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and more specifically GCBE 800™, has also been shown in aiding weight loss and fat loss; results from two separate studies indicated average weight loss of 17.69 lbs. in 22 weeks with no dietary restriction and the other 10.93 lbs. in 12 weeks .

Theses powerful formulas can help you lose weight and reduce BMI (Body Mass Index) as part of your diet and exercise plan. Weight Loss can be a rewarding experience, and it’s one you can look forward to with help from Cell-U-Rite!


   -   Drink plenty of water

   -   Snack between meals (this helps you to never sit at the table Hungry)

   -   Exercise 20-30 minutes a day; e.g. walking; going up and down the stairs

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Best Organic Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

More than 55% of Americans are overweight and the global numbers increase on a daily basis. Being overweight or obese is to be treated as an illness and not just a symptom; it is a disorder that can be treated with dedication and change in lifestyle. Weight loss supplements can help you stay healthy and fit. Staying fit does not mean being skinny; it means weighing closer to your ideal weight based on your height, also known as BMI (Body Mass Index), which is an estimate of body fat. Our weight loss supplements are the result of research, multiple trials in laboratories and then with human volunteers that proved weight loss. As example, CUR-Trim Rite was clinically tested in two separate studies that resulted in a significant weight loss versus dieting alone (24.11 lbs. in 12 weeks). As a sample for healthy dieting, we have provided a summary based on various food Guides under Healthy Living Tab to get you started.

Mustard and Nettle leaf Extract and Weight loss supplements

Two of the main ingredients in CUR-Trim Rite, an all natural weight loss product; are Nettle and Mustard leaf extracts; exclusive to Cell-U-Rite Naturals. Flavonoids in Nettle are reported to regulate digestive enzymes and to have cardioprotective effects besides metabolic stimulation; research also indicates that nettle inhibits (prevents) intestinal glucose absorption, and a hypoglycemic (reduction in sugar) effect was reported together with hypotensive (low blood pressure) and hypolipidemic (low lipid levels) properties. All conditions linked to being overweight and as you note are targeted specifically in our weight loss supplement to help you to normalize and lose weight as you go through steps in achieving an ideal weight loss goal.

In-vitro studies have demonstrated that mustard leaf supports the metabolic function by burning more calories and fat, therefore preventing the storage of new fat, hence weight loss. Mustard is a source of selenium, an element that helps to regulate thyroid function, thus helping people with thyroid conditions to burn fat and lose weight. Mustard also contains the essential amino acid tryptophan, which is converted by our body to niacin, a B-vitamin that is essential to burning fats and energy and assisting with weight loss in addition to healthy cholesterol levels. Phosphorus is essential to our body's use of magnesium, which helps to regulate blood sugar and burn energy. In addition to these two minerals and those listed above, mustard also contains Manganese, a fat and carbohydrate burning element, another mineral that helps to regulate blood sugar and overall assisting with weight loss.

Effective, Safe and Natural Weight Loss product based on 2 clinical studies

Our combination of the two plants act to increase both satiety and thermogenesis, the basis for weight loss. This system is generally accepted as a model for fat depletion (fat burning), in other words weight loss. The amines of Mustard, like Erucic acid, are mainly reported to increase the metabolic rate that can help when trying to lose weight. In addition to the anti-obesity effects of our weight loss supplement, a strong antioxidant activity exists that is of great importance for people suffering from obesity who usually have high levels of oxidative stress.

We believe in our products and would like to be part of your goal in achieving optimum weight loss; take us along, results may vary by individuals but you will see weight loss. Remember that diet plans can only result in weight loss if you burn more calories than you consume, this is a fact.

Natural Diet Supplements for Best Organic Weight Loss