Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle Skincare and false advertising

I am sure most people have seen the references a product advertising has made to claims like “as seen on CNN” or “as seen on Fox” or “as seen on the Dr. Oz show” among many others referring that is recommended by Dr. Oz or a physician, celebrity or known individual.

If you follow Dr. Oz or watch his shows once in while, you may have noticed the horrible truth that was the result of investigation into companies selling products that make the above mentioned claims or references. The products on investigation were a line of Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle skincare that claimed to be sponsored by Dr. OZ and a few celebrities who had no clues of being used for the promotion. Skincare, Dietary supplements and most other labelled as natural products do not fall under restrict regulations by the FDA, so it is common that you see people mixing things up in a bath tub and and learn how to put a wrongful claim on it and sell to make a quick buck and exit the business.

Not all companies producing natural products fall in the same category, so doing a bit of homework before you buy a product goes a long way. As we have gone in much details in our recently published eBook, countries in Europe, as well as Canada and Australia require a product marketer to file for approval or review (depending on the nature of the product) and obtain a specific product number before they are allowed to sell products. In addition, claims are regulated and unless there are sufficient clinical and researched evidence, no one is allowed to make a specific claim on their labels.

In Canada for example, Dietary supplements have to be approved and obtain a NPN (Natural Product Number) before they can be sold; similarly for any skincare or cosmetics to be sold one has to notify Health Canada with the required documentation that includes labels and full list of ingredients and the concentration for each before they can obtain a CN (Cosmetic Number) in order to be able to market the product.

The message here is to check the companies and products to learn where they are coming from, have they gone through any regulatory reviews and where are they sold, before deciding to make a purchase. Please do not fall for advertising and free samples that you pay for shipment only, as most require you to sign up for auto ship without even knowing that you have and that is how they make money.

All Cell-U-Rite Naturals products are manufacture in the US and have gone through regulatory review and have been assigned a CN for sale in Canada. We feel comfortable selling our products globally knowing what they contain and that they are safe and manufactured under quality GMP guidelines; as required by registered manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada.

Skincare by Cell-U-Rite Naturals.

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